How The Internet Is beginning to change The Way We Buy Concert Tickets

Buying concert tickets was previously so uncomplicated. Whenever the best bands tipped up at the Newcastle City Hall, I'd join the queue with hundreds of other freezing fans away from box-office hoping that I wasn't far too late to get my eager on the job a couple of tickets. In reality, I remember when I lost my concert virginity - it had been Ten Years After, a band which in fact had actually played at Woodstock, which, of course, made them uber-cool in the mid-70's. It is best to check them out on YouTube, particularly when you're a tad keen on the lost art of the ten minute guitar solo!- Martin Lawrence Music R&B RNB HipHop

So much has changed since those times, and I'm not just talking about the music. Nowadays, virtually no-one obtains a ticket from the theatre box-office as the coming of the internet has irrevocably changed the landscape of concert ticket sales. Yes, we can still see the ads for concerts within our local newspapers and in the music press, however they now direct us to a plethora of websites and ticket agencies, without even telling us simply how much the tickets will cost.

On the one hand, tickets are now available at the click of your mouse, but, paradoxically, now it is harder than ever to call those tickets that individuals really want to buy. After all, the hottest gig and festival tickets usually sell within hours, so many of us have turned to check in exchanges in order to secure the tickets that people want, and cannot get elsewhere. Perhaps the biggest issue with these exchanges is that their fees tend to be higher than those charged through the regular ticket agencies, and we all have a sneaking suspicion that concert promoters are utilizing exchanges to artificially inflate the costs of their tickets.

Although not all ticket exchanges are the same and the aforementioned criticisms don't apply across the board. If you shop around, you'll find sites where the charges are reasonable and there are no hidden extras like compulsory insurance policies or exorbitant postage charges. Actually, you'll discover that most sellers are genuine fans with spare tickets to market, and most buyers are genuine fans just like you, and like me.

Make an effort to that you should embrace the changes that the worldwide web has had about in regard to concert ticket sales. In the end, you no longer have to queue up to buy your tickets - which can't be a bad thing; and if you're taking a few minutes to shop around online, you are certain to find a reputable seller supplying the right tickets on the right prices. And once you've done that, all you need to do is benefit from the show - Martin Lawrence Music R&B RNB HipHop


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